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Happy mother’s day !

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MOTHER’S Day is time for sons and daughters to celebrate their mothers, but the changing date catches many people out.

This year, Mother’s Day is celebrated in March 14th, which is TODAY! But why does the date change every year, and what dates do other countries celebrate Mother’s Day?

When is Mother’s Day 2021?

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, March 14 th this year. Known by its religious name, Mothering Sunday, it has become more commercialised over the years.

Why does the date of Mother’s Day change each year?

Mothering Sunday in the US is an annual holiday held on the second Sunday in May, so the date slightly varies each year.

In the UK, the date is linked to Easter, which is different each year as it is determined by the lunar calendar.

The UK’s Mother’s Day always falls on the fourth Sunday during the period of Lent, when people typically give up things like certain foods or bad habits for the days leading up to Easter.