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Study Visit, a professional opportunity

According to the European Parliament, Study Visits are designed to provide citizens with opportunities for more detailed study of specific subjects relating to European integration.  In education, Study Visits can provide teachers, headmasters, inspectors of education and other advisers with excellent professional experiences to exchange information and points of view.
People wishing to undertake study visits to Catalonia should check the annual offer of the CEDEFOB:

[+] Catalogue 2013 (pag 230)
[+] Catalogue 2012 (pag 85, 230)



Study visit group report 2010

The purpose of a study visit is to generate an exchange of experience and good practice between the country you visit and the countries you all come from. Thus, participating in a study visit can be an exciting experience and an important learning tool for you.
During the visit you are invited to prepare a group report summarising your experience. This will help Cedefop disseminate what you have learnt to others, who share your interest but did not participate in this particular study visit.

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Round table programme outline

We’d like to make you a proposal of proceeding in order to be more effective in the round table. As the group is composed by participants from 5 different countries, we propose each country uses 10mn and leaves 5mn for questions following the outline you will find linked.
In order to make copies in due time, please send me your presentations in advance. Please also inform us of the links you consider interesting to visit for the group participants and that can help to understand your language teaching through ICT  policies

See outline [+]


On behalf of the Generalitat of Catalonia and of our Minister of Education a warm welcome to this Study Visit. We hope that you will find this event a stimulating and rewarding experience.

See programme