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Your sons and daughters are learning english and you can help them to do so!

Through this page you can read all the last news about your children english learning process: the topics we work on in class, important things they have to remember, special english activities we do…

You can also write all commentaries you want about the English subject, be sure that I’m going to bear them in mind.

Thank you very much beforehand for your help!





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7th July 

I know that some of  you have problems to install your children’s English Cd-rom, here you have the instructions. I hope  you can do it and let your sons and daughters have fun and practise what they learn during this course:  

To use the Bugs CD-ROMs, you will need ©Macromedia Flash. Depending on your computer, some manual steps may be necessary.

If the CD-ROM does not run when you click on comienzo.htm, or if you get a message saying Flash is not installed:

  1. Double-click Mi PC and double click on the Bugs CD-ROM. Open the installers directory and in the Windows directory, run the Flash installation program. (follow the instructions).
  2. Now you should be able to run the CD-ROM, but, depending on the computer, some users have reported difficulties. In this case:
  3. Open the files directory and double-click on bugs-cdl.htm.

You will also need Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) or Firefox 1.0 (or higher) even if you do not use the Internet.

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