This web gives support to an International Study Visit 2012

On behalf of the Generalitat of Catalonia and of our Minister of Education, have a warm welcome to this International Study Visit, on “Social dimension of language learnig 2012”. We hope that you will find this event a stimulating and rewarding experience.


The purpose of a study visit is to generate an exchange of experience and good practice between the country you visit and the countries you all come from. Thus, participating in a study visit can be an exciting experience and an important learning tool for you and your colleagues, as well as for the organisers.
During the visit you are invited to prepare a group report summarising your experience. This will help Cedefop disseminate to others what you have learnt, and reach colleagues who share your interest but did not participate in this particular study visit: feel free to share this information with other people!.


In order to prepare a proper session to introduce everybody’s education context, we will organise a round table. Please follow the instructions and send the slides as soon as possible.

Moreover, during the visit we’ll have extra time to exchange further information at informal meetings. Bring extra material you are interested in disseminate your best practises!

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2 Responses to This web gives support to an International Study Visit 2012

  1. Coordinators says:

    You are welcome to add your suggestions and comments…

  2. Alena says:

    My dear new Colleagues from round the world,
    this is my third attempt to write something to this blog and there is every time a kind of error. Never mind.
    Let me wish the the team preparing our stay and us as well a successful week in the pearl of Catalunya.
    See you soon in Barca.

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