Tell us a story!

Erin came again and she told two stories to the 1st formers.
“Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” and “Here we go round the mulberry bush.”
She also taught them the dance “Here we go round the mulberry bush”.

We had great fun!

Let’s TALK!

Once a month Erin (one of our mums at school) has come to give a conversation class in English, of course.
All of our students from levels 5th and 6th have had a chat with her. They really enjoyed the experience and they are looking forward to repeating it next year.

Thanks a lot Erin!

Ready for the English Day!!

Hello everyone!

We are the 3rd formers and we want to tell you that on 12th June we will take part in the English Day of the town.
Here we are with the torch of the Olympic Games, because this year the English Day will be about the Olympic Games, London 2012. Our friends Mandeville and Wenlock (the mascots of London) sent us the torch to invite us to the English Day.

We are all trained for the day!!

We are actors and actresses!!

Hello everyone, we are the 5th graders!!

Yesterday we performed the theatre play: Snow White and the seven dwarfs. We enjoyed ourselves and it was a success!!

Thanks to our teachers!!

Little Red!!

Today the 1st formers have gone to the theatre!
We have seen a theatre play called Little Red (La Caputxeta Vermella).
It has been fun and amusing!

Enjoying Science!

Yesterday we enjoyed a Science practice in our laboratory.
We observed the mould of some food using a microscope. It was amazing!!

Here are the photos!!

We are a bit late, but, a promise is a promise! Here are some photos about the “Colònies” of “Cicle Superior”.

Enjoy them!

Colònies a Tamarit!!


Next week the 5th and 6th formers will go to Tamarit to learn English and to have great fun. They are going to learn curiosities about Halloween festivity. We will show you the photos when we’ll come back!



La setmana vinent els alumnes de 5è i 6è anirem a Tamarit per aprendre anglès tot divertint-nos. Apendrem curiositats de la celebració del Halloween. Quan tornem ja us ensenyarem les fotos!