Author: Joan Villarroya Bustos
School: Escola Jaume I (la Sénia)
Context: I have implemented my planning lessons with 5th graders pupils. In my school, we do PE and ICT in English, so I have planned 4hour lessons in PE (with my mate Xema), 2hour lessons in ICT and 2hour lessons in ICT again. In the ICT subject, we divide the group in two, so we have got just 10 pupils per hour.

Short reflection after implementation

After implementing planned lessons I can say that in GEP 1 we have learnt a lot about how working a CLIL subject at school. It was successful because children where provided with a great amount of valid input, combining different types. They were really motivated learning in groups, by means of collaborative work and much oral interaction. They learnt a lot and we included games, so they liked this method.
Maybe the planning of the time didn’t go so well. Maybe I was too optimist regards to this. I mean that we have spent more time than what I had planned.
I have learnt that a motivated child learns more and better. To motivate our pupils we should include games and much group work. About this, I think they learn better from own classmates. Providing different types of input improves children’s learning, too, because this way we can attend to the diversity.
What will I try to improve from now on? In CLIL lessons I will try to plan collaborative activities with different types of input. Games, songs… will take part of my planned lessons.