Exam CFGS2 1st term 2010-11

You have to write a personal synthesis of what we have learned about web 2.0 in the last month and what it means to you.

It is important that you use as much information as possible from what your colleagues have produced and is now uploaded on the wiki. You cannot base your composition only in your own presentantion.

You should write between 200 and 300 words.

To upload your composition you should go to the web 2.0 page on the wiki, where you will find a link to the page where you can link it.

You have time till Monday 15th November before 12:00 PM

An email to a colleague

Go to the students’ productions


For this task, you will have to write an email to a friend. You cannot use informal vocabulary or rude expressions, though.

You will have to write this email on the wiki.

The email will consist of  four paragraphs explaining:

  • You have been fired from you job because you filled and expense claim your boss did  not like
  • You think this is unfair because you met a very important businessman and made an excellent deal (and that was clear in the report you wrote)
  • Your husband / wife has asked you to do all the house chores, because now you have the time. Next week will be a very busy week!
  • At the weekend, You would like to relax. You make your friend a proposal to go to the theater, a concert…   (you volonteer to buy the tickets)

This email is based on what we have done in class  lately, so feel free to use your textbooks as a guide. You can adapt as many phrases and vocabulary as you wish.

You have time from now till Friday midnight.

The email will be evaluated as follows

  • 25% following instructions
  • 25%  grammar and accuracy
  • 25% showing an understanding of what has been done in class
  • 25% lay out, pictures and making it nice to read

Good luck!

Wikiportfolio and Oral Favourite Mistakes – CFGS2

Dear students,

Please, have a look at the words each of you has to learn how to pronounce better  in the document pronunciation-favourite-mistakes.

I remind you that handing this new MP3 might mean from 0,5 up to 2 extra points on the homework mark you got for this reading exercise. The number next to your name corresponds to your current mark. The deadline is 18th May.

Here you have the list of who has to do what for the wikiportfolio.  You have time to finish it till the 25th at midnight.

Go to the wikiportfolio

Using mind maps to reflect on how to plan interviews

Task for CFGS2

Go to the documents created

You will summarise chapter 1 of Deedee Doke’s book Interviewing People using Mind Maps.

If you want to use a 2.0 mindmap tool, try MindMeister.

You will work in groups and present your summary oraly. You will be allowed to use your Mind Map, and can also rely on a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint must be short, and does not have to coincide with the MindMap.

Your mark will be related basically to clarity and oral fluency.

If the activity is successful, the whole book will be summarised in cooperation with CFGS1

Preparing our visit to Cardedeu

In order to be able to explain to our primary “customers” what a Company is, and effort to explain and simplify what the different departments are was made.

Before creating the presentations, we wrote to the kids’ teacher, asking for advice

What’s an HR Department will explain to kids(Noelia, Samar, Jamal and Silvina)

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A day in the life of…


This is a task for CFGS1

You can see the results here

You are the staff of eT Consulting BCN. You have already worked on our wiki, defining the roles of the different consultants and other personnel. Now it is time to talk about A day in your life (e.g.  A day in the life of an Administrative Manager).

Starting from the role you have in the Company, you have to write between 200 and 300 words on the wiki, talking about at least two of the following themes

  • What you do in the Company (compulsory paragraph)
  • What your are working on, now (voluntary paragraph)
  • How either or both are affecting your personal life (voluntary paragraph)

Each of the themes will have to be written  in a separate paragraph.

You have to use at least 5 words related to your previous work in the wiki and 5 other words related to business that you have learned this year.

Marking scheme for this activity (which will be considered as an exam)

  • 25% of the mark is related to the work previously done on the wiki
  • 10% of the mark is related to pictures and general design of the composition
  • 20% of the mark is related to actually using the 10 words required and following general instructions
  • 20% of the mark corresponds to coherence
  • 25% of the mark corresponds to general  grammar, spelling and correct use of the verb tenses we have practiced

Lina and David will pretend they are Journalists.

These instructions will be discussed in class on Friday 26th February. The deadline to write the composition is Tuesday 2nd March at midnight.

As this is an exam, no compositions will be accepted after the deadline.

If any one finds impossible uploading their composition on the wiki,  he or she can send it by email. That would imply a penalisation of 25% on the final mark.

Our first contact with Escola Granés


This is a task for CFGS2

Go to the results of what they have done

We are a Consultancy Company, who is going to help a group of ten-year-olds from a Primary school in Cardedeu to create their own Company. In the first place they will have to learn the basics about companies, think of an attractive name for theirs and create a logo. They will also have to decide who does what in their Company, based on their profiles, which we will study through questionnaires. This done, they will determine which products they are going to manufacture, find the money to be able to buy the raw materials they need, and carry out the manufacturing process. Finally, they will have to to devise a strategy to sell their products and decide what to do with the profits they get.

Our task will be to guide them and give them all the advice they need. To do that, we will have to provide all the basic vocabulary, checklists and guidelines they might need,  both in English and Catalan, supervise their actions and provide meaningful feedback to them. We will have to be as simple as clear as possible and make our best to motivate them, too.

Your next step is to decide which actions we have to undertake in order to achieve our goals. You will work in the same groups you worked on to make the video, and will create a presentation for the rest of the class planning the actions you think will bring our plan to full success. The presentation will have to be ready on the 3rd week of February, for English language correction. On the first week of March you will have to present it to the class. You can count on an Entrepreneurship book for Primary pupils in Spanish and English to help you, and are expected to write at least one email to their primary teacher, Cristina Grau, asking her about  different data, in case you need any, and explaining your strategy, for her approval.

You can also count on the PowerPoints on Company Creation we have done, as your video is not ready yet.

Good luck!