Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was Queen of England and Queen of Ireland from November 17, 1558 until her death in 1603. She was often referred to as the Virgin Queen since she never married or have any children. Elizabeth I was the final monarch of the Tudor Dynasty having succeeded her half-sister Mary I. She reigned during a period of religious turmoil in English history.


Hi everybody!

As we know, if we want to work on any web site with our students we have to provide them a worksheet. In it, they find the instructions they have to follow and the activities they have to do. After the session, they hand it in to us in order to assess it.

I show you one of the worksheets you can use with our students online or offline. It is aimed at 4th ESo year or Batxillerat years. Its main content is Reading and Writing about cultural and historical aspects of English speaking countries.

It also includes an answer sheet and some teacher’s notes.

I hope it will be useful. Please send me some feedback if you use it with your students.

I encourage you to have a go!

Assessment worksheet of a webpage activity