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Your Valentine ♥

I love your name,


You’re clever and



You, my love, you

can’t recognise me.

I write this poem,

in the house of my granny.


I am inspirated,

thinking of you,

the words exit

on your mouth.


My sugar,

my love.

When I looking you,

i’m off.


Cupid throw

the arrow of the love

to me and

you, my inspiration.

For you secret love.

Oriol Llambrich Rullo | 6è

Valentine’s Day

I like stars,

I like moon,

I like sun,

I love You!


Today is Saint Valentine’s Day

an I love you.

Stay you with me

and I will kiss you.


I’m a boy

you’re a girl

We are a couple

and we both love.

Gerard Gonell Tomàs | 6è