13 thoughts on “Someday at Xmas. Y6’s Christmas song

  1. patrienator Post author

    Hey, remember you can suggest different ways to sing the song on our Christmas show.

    Every idea will sum up!

  2. patrienator Post author

    Hahaha, thank you Raul! You guys will be greaaaaaaat

    One point for your team 🙂

  3. Anna campos

    This song is fantastic!!

    Is very beautiful and very understandable.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. patrienator Post author

    You’re great singers!

    Ana, your comment in English deserves one point for your team 🙂

  5. patrienator Post author

    Fantastic Irene, good aim!

    One point for your team, for writing in English!

  6. Candela

    Patri is a song I like I will learn it safe whole

    pensava que no m’agradaria pero es chulissima!!

  7. Irene J

    Hi Patri!

    It’s a very nice song! Today we sing very well.
    Merry christmas and a happy new year!!!

  8. Candela

    La cançó del Justin va qudar molt bé al concert, pero tot es pot millorar THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

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