Let’s visit Lascaux (back to the Palaeolithic)

Do you want to go back to the past? Do you want to walk along this long cave? Do you want to look at the wonderful paintings?

Let’s go to Lascaux, one of the most famous  caves where we find paintings from the Palaeolithic. This cave is in France.




Inspirations is a masterpiece that mixes Art and Maths. The artist is Cristobal Vila and I want to say “Thank you very much” for it!

If you want to read and learn more about the Maths behind this video go to: http://www.etereaestudios.com/docs_html/inspirations_htm/maths_index.htm

Motor Mania

This is a very interesting film made in 1950 by Walt Disney Productions. Mr. Walker (Goofy) is a lovely person, but when he drives his car he becomes a bad person.

When you will be an adult: Be a lovely person when you will get behind the wheel of your car!

YouTube Preview Image

Science time: Viscosity

Viscosity is the resistance to flow (a kind of internal friction) of a liquid or a gas.

Let’s test viscosity and think about it!