Halloween Door Hanger

Here you have some models to inspire you to create your own HALLOWEEN DOOR HANGER:

Christmas is coming!!

Are you ready for the Xmas holidays? Sure? Before that we have to keep on practising some Xmas carols for the Christmas Festival in Gimenells. To do so, here you will have three videos. The first is called “Hello, reindeer” and it’s for the five-year-old students. Then, you’ll find “The ten little elves” for the 1st and 2nd grade students. And finally, you have “Rodolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” for 3rd level.
So now, you can practise them at home!!

Hello, reindeer – P5

The ten little elves – 1st and 2nd grade

And the sing along version:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – 3rd grade

Finish?? Then, you can play some Christmas games and if you like them, tell us which game is the best one for you, in a COMMENT!!

xmas elf

Best wishes!!!

Teacher Carmina and teacher Núria.

…And here it comes the Xmas Festival in pictures!! Enjoy it!!!



Hello everybody!!

Do you still remember what we did during Halloween?

Firstly, we learned some new vocabulary and secondly we played some games and sang Halloween’s songs.

Finally, we made some crafts. Would you like to see your results? Here you are! There are fantastic, scary ghosts, great pumpkins and wonderful bats!


Here you can see the videos of the Halloween performances and the photos of the games we did on the 30th and 31st October!

We had a great time dressing up with costumes and playing games. We threw balls in the monster mouth, played computer games about Halloween, played a sticky game with the vocabulary of Halloween, took funny photos imitating faces of monsters,…



5th and 6th Gimenells “Scary Song”

Playing Games!!!

3rd and 4th Gimenells “Monsters song”

Playing Games!!!

1st and 2nd Gimenells “Trick or Treat song”

Playing Games!!!

P4 and P5 Gimenells “My favourite Pumpkin”



3rd and 5th Pla de la Font “There’s a scary ghost”

P5, 1st and 2nd Pla de la Font “My favourite Pumpkin”

Playing Games!!!


1st and 2nd Vilot Sucs “Ten scary ghosts”

3rd Vilot Sucs “Halloween Night”

4th Vilot Sucs “Skeleton Dance”

5th and 6th Vilot Sucs “Make a Jack-o-lantern”

5th and 6th Vilot Sucs dance “THRILLER”. IT WAS VERY SCARY!!!