2nd Grade

Stone Soup show


Today 1st and 2nd Grade have seen a theatre show called “Stone Soup”. It has been very funny and we have learnt a lot. Some students have helped the Little Red Hen and the Big Bad Wolf with clothes and all together have helped with the ingredients for the Stone Soup.

Thanks to Look Out! Theatre company. We have enjoyed so much the show!


The family box


We are learning a lot of things about our friends’ families. They explain to us a lot of interesting things about themselves.

The family


This week we have worked about family



This week we have learned new scary vocabulary, we have sung new songs and we have played terrifying games.

Autumn is here, yet!


This week we have met the scarecrow. It’s been fun singing and dancing with him!

Here you have another version:

Autumn is here!


We have worked about autumn with this song:

Here are the lyrics:


Wellcome to the 1st and 2nd grade english corner


Hi families,

here you will find all resources we use in the class, so children can explane you what we do everyday.

We allways begin the class with our routines. Fisrt we sing the hello song:

Then my english assistant help me to tell what’s the weather like that day:

After this we remember the days of the week to be able to write the date:


To finish the routine we remember what season is it.

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