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Duolingo League 20/21

Hello everybody! How did you start the school year? I hope everything is fine!

This year we keep the tradition and we going to make another duolingo league. As you know, every classroom will have its own league. We will count the EXP points and the days you practise. Being regular is very important!

What do you have to do to participate?

  1. Register on Duolingo using your name (you need an email and create a password).
  2. Share your progress using your classroom code.

NEWS! This year the league will finish on Saint George Day! We’ll have some prizes for the winners! 









Spanish information:

1. Descarga la aplicación de Duolingo y ábrela ( o entra desde el ordenador).
2. Haz clic en Empezar. Luego elige inglés.
3. Fija tu meta diaria y continúa (puedes cambiarla después).
4. Crear un perfil:
En dispositivos Android haz clic en el ícono de menú en la parte
superior derecha y haz clic en Crear un perfil.
En dispositivos iOS haz clic en Perfil en la esquina superior izquierda
y haz clic en Crear un perfil.
5. Ingresa tu Nombre, Correo electrónico y Contraseña, y luego haz clic en
6. Ve a tu Perfil y haz clic en Comparte tu progreso.
7. Ingresa tu código de clase.
8. Haz clic en Unirse a sección.


Past Simple – Regular verbs (Quizizz)

Hello my students! Let’s practise the past simple with regular verbs. Remember:

-In the affirmative we add -ed to the verb:

I played basketball yesterday.

-We use didn’t in the negative and the verb doesn’t change:

I didn’t play basketball yesterday.

-We write did at the beginning for questions:

Did you play basketball yesterday? Yes, I did / No, I didn’t

Now, go to https://quizizz.com/join or download the app in your tablet or mobile phone. Insert the code for the game:  61458460

Leave a comment here!

Ex: I did_____points!


Irregular Verbs in the past (6th Grade)

Hello! How are you? We can practise the 20 most common irregular verbs playing a whack-a-mole game (aplasta topos). First review them, you can find them here:


Click on the image and shoot to the verbs which are in the past!


Don’t forget to write your name and class at the beginning!


Do you like the game? Enjoy!