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I teach English as a foreign language in a secondary education state school in Badalona: INS La Pineda.

I intend to use this blog to compile useful activities, ideas and 2.0 resources for the ESL class (English as a Second Language class).

I will also post some of my teaching experiences and teacher’s activity.

So the target audience is mainly ESL teachers. Specially if you have your own blog, you can visit, choose and pick up anything you want, but please come back and leave a comment with some feedback.

This blog may also be useful for students who are looking for extra listening/ reading/ grammar practice online. My posts will come mainly from posts and resources I have used in my class blogs and which seem to work well.

Last but not least, in order to make the blog richer and varied each month there will be a “Guest Star” who will contribute to the blog. The “Guest star” will be a colleague from the TEFL world (Teaching English as a Foreign Language world) who will share an activity, link, thoughts/reflections about his/her educational practice.

Happy teaching!

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