Take you food magazines and brochures and cut different types of food you like out and glue them onto a piece of construction paper. Then you will be able to stand up one at a time in front of the class and tell your classmates what you picked out and to point the picture of that food item.


Experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Read the guide to find out about breakfasts in the UK. Then answer the questions.

For most people in the UK, a typical breakfast is a quick meal. A cup of tea or coffee and some toast. This is OK, but it’s not a healthy breakfast because it’s very small and it hasn’t got any fruit or fruit juice.

A full traditional British breakfast is very big. Fried eggs, bacon, sausages and tomatoes, toast and marmalade, tea, and perhaps some cereal or porridge to start! This is a very unhealthy breakfast because it has got a lot of fat and no fruit.

A healthy breakfast includes fruit, cereal or toast and a drink. Orange juice is a good choice because it contains vitamin C and water is also very good.

So remember – always eat breakfast but be careful what you eat!

  1. Why is a typical breakfast unheathy?
  2. Is a traditional breakfast large or small?
  3. Is a traditional breakfast healthy’
  4. What is the traditional breakfast drink in the UK?
  5. What does orange juice contain?

English breakfast