PEN PALS 3rd Graders


In Year 3 we have NEW FRIENDS!!! They are from UK and Ireland!!! We have told them that we are from USA and Canada and now, we are learning a lot from our countries!!!

We have received and sent 2 letters:

  • The first one:  we created an Avatar and introduced each other.
  • The second one: a Christmas Card to wish Happy Holidays.

Here you have some pictures of these activities… WE ARE SOOOOO HAPPY!!!  🙂  😀


Make your monster!

Hello students! Do you want to create your own monster? Here you have the opportunity!

First choose a colour, and then listen to the monster.

The monster will tell you what eyes, arms, nose, mouth, legs and ears he wants.

If you like the result, you can print it!

Do you like the game?

Ex: Yes, I like the game!    or   No, I don’t like the game.


Months of the Year

Hello everyone!! Do you remember how to write the 12 months of the year? If not, this is your game! First, think what is the month you need to write, for example, the third month is March. Then, catch the corresponding letter to complete each name.

Leave a comment with your results!

Ex: –Correct: