Here you can find different links with educational games. Enjoy them!

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67 thoughts on “GAMES

  1. MARINA 6èB

    Hi Antonio!
    My final score is 10 points. I failed one.
    Of the exercise of the e-mail.


  2. LAURA 6È A

    Hello Antonio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I play this games (Reading and compresión, numbers, hobbies and sports games,…) and I like all games!!!! I learning a lot of with you and your pad “bloc” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LAURA 6È A

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!! Antonio I play the games (Reading and compresion, numbers, hobbies and sports games,…) and I like all games. Very good work, I learning a lot of english with you and with you pad (bloc) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Laura 6è A

    I like the games of maths, english,… is awesome, good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carlota 6èB

    This blog is more interesting. The games are more beatifull and educative .
    I played with the gemes ,and I learn more.

  6. Marina 6èB

    Antonio hello this blog is easy and fun , I love it.
    But what I haguesin exercises more difficult the EU are both super fun in this great blog .

  7. Ainara Lozano Lopez

    Hello, my antonio Ainara I love the blog and the games were good games in the game that I like is the verb to be for me was the coolest of all I hope that most of these games you posan m ‘liked this game and block antonio bueno Muak due until Friday.


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