Hi everyone!

We are very glad to welcome to this English blog!

First af all we want to announce that, since March 2020, we are an eTwinning School! That means that the school participates every school year in some european projects and we won a digital label not only for children and teachers but also for the school! Proud of it. Hooray!!!

eTwinning is a free online community for schools in Europe and some other neighbouring countries, which allows you to find partners and collaborate on projects.

Besides that, we are very glad to inform you that we managed some Quality Labels for these amazing projects.

  1. Urban Garden It was a year 6’s project shared with Jordan, Italy, Greece and Republic of Moldova .The project aimed to create a urban garden in a space dedicated to school. The goals of this project were not only the scientific study of plants but also the respect of nature and the preservation of the planet.

2) I spy with my little eye. This project enabled 5 year students to learn Idioms in a an entertaining way working all together with Turkish and Georgian students.


3) Teach me YoursThis project was carried out by year 6 students. It joined ten European countries to learn new languages at a basic level, having in mind multilingualism. In this project, students were able to desing  and sharing posters and different materials with their European partners.

4) Once Upon a time…the game was a project carried out by year 5 students. The activities  carried out meant an opportunity for children to discover grandparents’ games through different activities and workshops and to let parents / grandparents relive their lifes.

By the way, if you want to visit the eTwinning blog at La Trama and find information about this awarded projects and others, click here.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to learn from the different English blogs that La Trama has. You just have to click on the pages above this post.

Furthermore, let us say that all the images and some resources on this site are used for educational purposes only. If you find an image and/or material that you think we shouldn’t have used, please tell us so that we can delete it asap.

Thank you very much!

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