Can I have some…?

In 3r, we have been working about food and pupils enjoyed a lot playing a game. They played in pairs and asked the partner for some food, as if they were in the restaurant. They used the structure: “Can I have some…, please?” I made some photographs to show the game.

Did you like it?

Guess the animal!

Look at the animals in the pictures and guess the riddle: 

It is a big animal. It lives in grasslands.

It has got four legs and a big tongue.

It eats leaves from the tall trees.

Its neck and legs are very long.

Which animal is it?

Hello everybody!

Hello pupils, teachers and families! This is the new English blog in Juncadella school. I wait for your messages and, please: USE ENGLISH!  See you in the school!

Caro, your teacher    

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