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In class we are working about comparative sentences. I would like you to think of different sentences comparing animals, objects, people, places… This is an example:

elephant.jpg      mouse.jpg

The mouse is smaller than the elephant.  

London, capital of the United Kingdom

In 5è we are working about London and other cities in the world. The pupils brought lots of pictures, souvenirs, maps and postcards to show their partners and we prepared a wall poster. Feel free to give your opinion about the pictures, tell your experience or tell us the places you would like to visit in London. Good night! 


Can I have some…?

In 3r, we have been working about food and pupils enjoyed a lot playing a game. They played in pairs and asked the partner for some food, as if they were in the restaurant. They used the structure: “Can I have some…, please?” I made some photographs to show the game.

Did you like it?