During Easter holidays I went to Brno, in the Czech Republic. The weather was really cold and it snowed! I went with some friends to visit a Czech friend. She is also an English teacher and we went to her school to see her teaching. The students were 5 years old and they study English through games, stories and songs. It was a great experience for me!  As you can see, they decorate their schools, streets and shops with lots of Easter eggs and rabbits. It was wonderful! What did you do on holidays? I wait for your comments!



5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Cristina

    Hello Caro,
    I supose your Easter holidays were great. I hadn’t been so lucky and I tried to go to the mountain and the beach in little excursions. I visited Sant Pere de Rodes, I had never been there before and I thougt it was very nice.
    I propose if you want to go, it will not disappoint you.

  2. M Teresa

    These Easter holidays I went to Madrid by AVE, a very fast train. I went up to 300 km/h!! It’s fantastic.

    Mª Teresa

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