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British Culture, Festivities and Traditions Scavenger hunt.

 British Culture, Festivities and Traditions Scavenger hunt.


Directions: Explore the Web site provided to learn about the British traditions and festivals. Then answer the questions or complete with the correct words.


Web Resources:


1. What do children do nowadays during Halloween night?  What do the owners of the house give to the children?  pumkin


2. Images of Christmas:





3. Many of the symbols and traditions of Easter are connected with renewal, birth, good luck and fertility. _________________ are a very old tradition going to a time before Christianity. ______________ after all are a symbol of spring and new life. egg



4. When is ‘Guy Fawkes Day’ also known as ‘Bonfire Night’ or ‘Fireworks Night’ celebrated? Who was Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes Day







5. One of the most popular sports in Britain is ______________________.

Something to Think About:

What holidays do you celebrate in your country?


Choose another British tradition or festival that you like and explain it.


Learn More:  To learn more about English traditions and festivals you can have a look at these webpages. First of all you can read the slides where you’ll find a summary of the most important festivals; next you find more Englsih traditions and customs. In the third page you have a list of some UK and USA traditions and in the last webpage you can find some Quizzes, Word Searchers, Puzzels, Crosswords and Printables to practice.