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Favourite animal projects

Juan                                                     Ainoha

  ramon-juan.jpg  fernandez-ainhoa.jpg 

David                                                   Núria                                        

alvarez-david.jpg   bolgbuenaventura-nuria.png

Merry Christmas

 Grades 3 and 4


We wish you a Merry Christmas with our Christmas cards, and a happy New Year. 

Grades 5 and  6 

   digitalboard.png      hpim0426.JPG

 Digital Board                                                    Christmas cards




Here you are a song: Frosty the snowman. CLICK!

Bonfire Night!

On 5th November every year, children in Britain get excited because it is Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes’ Night). They lit bonfires and enjoy fireworks displays. 

Fireworks can be great fun. Make sure you follow these simple rules.  

Firework Safety Rules – Grade 4

dont-throw.png         put.png

dont-light.png        dont-hold.png

  dont-go.png        be-careful-001.png