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Ross’s Fake accent

Here is a nice and fun way for you, students of English, to hear an American speaker putting on some British English accent. You’ll hear Monica feigning the accent too. Try to figure out the differences in vowel pronunciation, for instance. Listen and check it out! 

Have Fun with Maths!

Our school is one of the two in the province of Tarragona which has a Pla Experimental en Llengües Estrangeres (CLIL). That means our Maths teacher, Mariluz Esteve, is putting into practice all the material she created in the Nottingham course to teach Maths in English to some ESO students in a crèdit variable.

I hope more teachers of other areas will do the same in the future!

Comenius: Virgínia and Noemí go to Poland for a Preparatory Visit.

On Janury 8th, both English teachers travelled to Brzeg, south of Poland, to do a prepartory visit to design a Comenius project. Our school wants to carry it out together with a secondary school in Cyprus, Lithuania and Poland. 

On the first day there, the Polish headmistress showed us the school around and then we started the hard work of getting organized and thinking about the activities we would present in our project application.

The next day in the morning we visited Brzeg’s  castle and walked around town and in the afternoon we continued with the project work. At 5 p.m. both Cyprus and us did a powerpoint presentation to the other teachers in Poland and some parents and we exchanged presents.

On Friday we left very early to Warsaw, where we went sightseeing around the old town in the morning and caught the plane to get to Barcelona at 8 p. m.

All in all, it was a great visit!

New blog


Welcome to our new blog, whose main aim is to help or even entertain our students or other colleagues with their English lessons. Also, we will keep you updated on the latest news of the activities that either our school or the Foreign Languages Department are involved in.