Irish landscapes


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The Snapper and Angela’s Ashes, 2 films 2 see/watch!!!!!!


The Snapper (1993)

The Snapper is Stephen Frears’ adaptation of the second book in Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown Trilogy. The Curley family is a poor but eccentric and loving Irish family. Oldest daughter Sharon (Tina Kellegher) announces she is pregnant, but refuses to reveal the identity of the father to anyone. Her father, Dessie (Colm Meaney), is supportive, but begins to chafe at the derisive gossip aimed at his family and his daughter. This leads to a confrontation between the two that is, like the rest of the movie, simultaneously funny and sad. The family waits in the hospital as Sharon gives birth to the snapper (Irish slang for an infant).


Ireland’s Great Famine 1845-1849 caused massive migrations. 70% went to USA.

Now find out what Angela’s Ashes film is about!

send me an e-mail or begin your blog with that information!

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Specific links 4U!!!!


A question 4U: What is a Peat Bog?

general : have a look at the videos and enjoy the music!

4 Laura: food

4 Andrea : mythology




Exercises on Ireland


In this LINK there is a crossword and a matching exercise about Ireland,  find them, learn about Ireland and have fun.

clues: look for what and where Blarney stone and Wicklow Mountains National Park are before doing the crossword puzzle!

Copy the sentences from the matching exercise on your notebooks, look up the words you don’t understad and learn them by heart!


La cirereta del pastís


Feu una ullada a aquest pdf:  borsa d’estudis

on Friday we’ll talk about it!!!Guai!


Who we are!!!


We are a group of students from 1st Batxillerat.

Our project is about Ireland.

We’ll develop it on this blog.

Your comments are welcome!!!


Task One



Look at a another map of Ireland. (see useful links)

Which are the main cities of Ireland?

What is the difference between The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland?

The land is divided into counties, how many?

And into four provinces, name them.

One province is Irish and British at the same time, which?

Look for the main river of Ireland. What’s its name?

What is the Great Famine? When did it began? Why?

What is the Book of Kells? Where is it? When was it illuminated? By whom?

Where is the Giant’s Causeway? What is it? Would you like to visit it?

Who’s Boyle? What does Boyle’s Law say?

Useful links: wikipedia

English extension 08-09


English project AA 08-09View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: english project)

Leaf morphology


Leaf morphology




Today you work in pairs,
look for information about your trees
but first decide which information you need.

0.- Open a blank Word document. Give it a name. Save it.

1.- Write a list of things you want to know, from the obvious ones to any you are curious about.

2.- After 10 minutes, read the list to the class and listen to the others. Take notes.

3.- Go into ‘Google’ and write between quotation marks (“) the concepts you want to know.

4.- Write down (on the doc) the information and the webs you have visited to get it, explain briefly why they are good.

5.- Now that you have the information, organize it as a mind map on a doc or a piece of paper.
Do it as homework.

6.- Show the information to your teacher (or send it by e-mail) along this week.

In your free time this week, take a digital camera (you can borrow the school’s) and go with your partner to visit both your trees, you have to take at least 6-8 pictures:

– a general of the landscape
– the whole tree with you on the same picture (your partner takes the picture)
– details of the branches
– details of the leaves
– a close-up of the trunk
– some pictures of other specimens of the same tree

The pictures must be taken along this week and brought in next Monday/Wednesday.

Ask the teacher for help whenever you have any doubts or questions.

Next Monday/Wednesday we will work on English structures.

0.- Your teacher gives you back your previous work commented.
1.- Think about the English you need to write a good report on your tree.
2.- Begin writing.

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