Cooperative work on David Copperfield (advanced level)

This is the powerpoint that a group of students from the advanced level used to present their research on Dickens and his masterpiece.
David Copperfield
Thanks for sharing it with us! Well done!

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3 Responses to Cooperative work on David Copperfield (advanced level)

  1. Paula Alvarado says:

    This power point of David Copperfield is very interesting, it has a good presentation and the pictures of the characters help us to imagine the story.

  2. Clàudia Moncunill Alcoverro says:

    i think it’s a very good presentation, the information is very clear and the photographies too.

  3. Maria Lladosa says:

    I think this group has done a good work, because I also worked this movie and the information that contains the “power” is the necessary information to make a good exposure.

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