Dickens against social injustice…

Read the following article in La Vanguardia (18-11-11) and think about Dickens and his background.


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    Dickens described the cruelty and the injustice of 19th century society through his stories.

  2. Paula López says:

    People who get throw awful situations and fight to fulfil their dreams throw literature or any other way is a great achievement. So, all these authors are a brilliant example of warriors.

  3. Sandra says:

    Dickens was a great novelist indignantly of the nineteenth-century that it was inspired based on their life,
    their achievements, their survival … and wrote hiding real feelings and showing the fiction.

  4. Arnau Bañon Romero says:

    Charles Dickens was a person who have a spirit of improvement but he had a lot of problemsin his live: with his father, with the newspapers… but he never gave up and continued fighting for his family and expressed himself writting novels and putting his feelings in it.

  5. Jordi Roldan says:

    Charles Dickens had a hard life in the nineteenth century, such as imprisonment of his father and separation from his wife. But he had always time in his head for his novels.

  6. Pau Plana says:

    Charles Dickens was a man who had a hard life at home because his father was a defaulter and a lazy.
    Dickens lived in a city (Londres) which in the 19 century was the biggest city of the world , the financial center of the universe, the center of the industrial revolution and the center of the powerful british empire.
    In his novels Dickens show the social reality of the 19 century in London.

  7. Marc Torroella del Rio says:

    Charles Dickens lived during his life in a severely damaged society, which made ​​a very important movement in history. That situation, he used it in their novels as a critical to know the people, the city and the historical moment.

    In his works, he explains too, his poor life illustrated in the characters that he created.

  8. Paula Fernández says:

    Dickens was the first novelist who made London the center of his fiction.
    He was a man who had a hard life because he had some diseases, his father died…
    The characters of their novels have the features of their neighbors, friends… because he displayed in his novels the feelings that he had in the real life.

  9. Pau Domingo says:

    Dickens had a hard life. His family had many problems and his father was lazy. Dickens was living in Londres the megalopolis and he saw the industrial revolution. Dickens decide to wrote every feeling and moment of his life on the papers creating different characters to describe Victorian times.

  10. Judit Dapena Sanz says:

    The victorian author Charles Dickens reflected in his novels the hard life he had during his childhood, the death of his loved beings, the social and political injustices when the Victorian times appeared or the violence and loneliness he lived all over his life.

  11. Ariadna Solés Diaz says:

    Dickens was a great writer. He showed in his books the life in the London of XIX century. He lived in a time of epidemics and diseases, his family situation wasn’t very good, because his father went to prison, and mistreated him. He was married with a woman that gave him ten kids, but finally they separated because he fell in love with a young girl.

  12. Alejandro Grabosky says:

    In his work, Dickens reflects faithfully the London life and the social envirorment of the Victorian times as well as his own situation in that society. He also showed the effects of the epidemics that devastated London in those days and the injustices made by the rich people.

  13. Víctor Montserrat says:

    The writer Charles Dickens fiercely criticize the living conditions of the Victorian times in London. In his works he describes the hard life he had as a child; his father was in jail and he had to earn his life working in a factory. His novels denounce the exploitation of children and criticize the society.

  14. Maria Lladosa says:

    Charles Dickens was a nineteenth century novelist who wrote about his live and about the hard times in London city. He hadn’t an easy live but he carried on and keeping fighting. The result was his great novels.

  15. Maria Masip says:

    Dickens was a really strict man, hard-working and a really good writer.
    In all his books, the description of the characters are his frinds, neighbors and people that he knew. In his books he also wrote about moments and things rather important for him, and hard time that he was living in London.

  16. Mireia Sarrà says:

    Charles Dickens had to overcome lots of problems with the family, the press and the society. He reflected in his novels his life, basing the characters into well-knowns, and all the injustices from the nineteenth century.

  17. Anna Oviedo says:

    Dickens wanted to show the hard society of London in 19 century. Powered by the cruel infancy who lived because his father was in jail for debt, this made that Dickens start working in a factory at twelve years old

  18. Paula Alvarado says:

    Charles Dickens lived in London in the nineteenth century, and he was the first novelist who made London the center of his fiction. His father was a bad influence for him in many ways. Charles Dickens had ten children and he was a man conflicted, a stern father and a husband complicated.
    Charles Dickens in his novels reflects the society of the twentieth century in London. London in that time was the largest city in the world, a megapolis, the center of the financial universe, but had many illnesses and mortality.

  19. Marc Salvadó says:

    Dickens was a writer who complained about life in the 19th century by writing his novels, which had a social double sense.

  20. Clàudia Moncunill Alcoverro says:

    Charles Dickens was a writer who lived in London during the nineteen-century.
    His life wasn’t easy but he always continued fighting for the people who he loved and he used his books as a critisism of the society.

  21. Júlia Fernández says:

    Charles Dickens had a difficult life, he survived many disaeases, lived without his father because he was arrested…But he was brave and frought. The rewad was to write a novel based on his city, the city of London.

  22. Mar García says:

    He reflected in all his novels his life and the society of London in the nineteenth century. It was a bad time for everyone, there were all type of deseases. He had to many problems with his family, he had a bad childhood.

  23. Alex Vela says:

    Charles Dickens was a writer of the nineteenth century. He lives in London.
    He reflects the social environment and the injustice of the Victorian times. He describe the situation of the nineteenth century,he different classes, injustice…

  24. Blanca Molina Guilera says:

    Charles Dickens was a Victorian author who wrote about real facts that had occurred in the 19th century in London. He was a brave and wise man whose novels reflect his own life complaining about the difficulties of the society.

  25. marc collins says:

    Charles Dickens was an English novelist, considered the best writer of the nineteen-century. He had many problems, although he, with a great willpower went forward, fighting for himself and his family.

  26. Victor Arnau Roca says:

    Charles Dickens was a writer of the nineteenth century. And is one of the examples to follow if you want to be recorded in the history

  27. Giulia Crepin says:

    As the article says Charles Dickens was the first important novelist of the 19th century.
    Because of his experiences and books he becomes rich, egocentric, strict… In my opinion is more a biography than a fiction book; because he explains his feelings through other people, he tells his life and how those experiences affected him.

  28. Laura Vidal says:

    The life of Charles Dickens was very hard for many reasons and the19th century made life more complicated. With all the Dickens’s experiences he inspired to create great novels based on himself and also show the hard situation in London city.

  29. Inés Alexandre Barredo says:

    Dickens was a great novelist of the nineteenth century.
    In his work he emphazise the descriptions of people, places and some moments of his live.

  30. Marc Arnau says:

    I think that Dickens had a very difficut childhood, and when he was old, he wanted to live in a better world by writting.
    I’ve seen Oliver Twist, and I think that Dickens imagined himself.

  31. Clara Armengol says:

    Charles Dickens was an English writer who lived in London in the 19th century. In his novels, he reflected his experiences, his difficult childhood and the poor society that he lived in.

  32. Alba Garcia says:

    Charles Dickens, had to overcome many problems in life, of society and economy. Their stories explain what he and the people lived in the century XIX.

  33. Jordi Coll says:

    Dickens showed in his books the hard life in the London. In his novels, he described the problems, experiences.

  34. Francesc Cuixart and Jordi Erill says:

    Charles Dickens was one of the most famous writers in England, and in the world, everybody who would like to read seoething interesting in English should read one of his books. And if they don’t want to read anything in English, because they don’t know English or any other reason, they can read them in spanish because they are translated.
    Francesc Cuixart and jordi Erill.

  35. Alícia Ingrid Ardenuy Zabala says:

    Charles Dickens:
    He was born in England in 1812 and died the 9th of June in 1870. He lived in the Victorian period, he also was considered one of the most important novelists in England or in the whole world. He basically wrote tragic sotries. I supose he treated this kind of themes in consequence of his poor and inbalanced childhood. On his books are reflected the messages of the society, politic injustices… He really was a great novelist.

  36. Laura Perich Pallaruelo says:

    Charles John Huffam Dickens was born the 7th of February in 1912 and he dead the 9th of June in 1870. He was a very famous English novelist. He is very important in the literature. In his works stand the descriptions of the people and places real or imagined.
    Some people like: George Gissing y G. K. Chesterton…. defended his English language proficiency as a unique.
    Some books are: Oliver Twist (1837-1839), The Antiques Shop (1840-1841), Little Dorrit (1855-1857), Great Expectations (1863-1865).
    All the people know his novels when the writer was alive, also, now some books are continually edited.
    Dickens was and remains like a literary idol by writers form around the world.

  37. Lika Silva Bernshteyn says:

    Charles Dickens was a great man that suffered much during his life. In his works, he reflects his life and moments throught invented or real characters.
    Today and during his life, he has been known as one of the best novelists in the world. Many later novelists were inspired by him and his works.

  38. Lika Silva Bernshteyn says:

    Charles Dickens was a great man that suffered much during his life. In his works, he reflects his life and moments throught invented or real characters.
    Today and during his life, he has been known as one of the best novelists in the world. Many later novels were inspired by him and his works.

  39. Berta Carbó says:

    Charles Dickens was born the 7th, February 1812, in a poor family, in Portsmouth, England. They moves to Kent, where Charles grew up. His father went to prison, as he had lots of debts. To help his family, Charles left school at the age of ten and he began to work. When his grandmother died, she left him £450, and he released his dad out of prison. The 2nd of April, he got married to Catalina Thompson Hogarth, with whom he had ten children: six boys and four girls. He died the 9th of June, 1870, with 58 years, a day after he hit his head at his home.

  40. Patricia Madriñán says:

    Charles Dickens was very poor, so he was forced to work, like a slave, at the age of twelve and he earned just a few pence. Then he became a theatre actor but he gets ill and he retired.
    Charles Dickens wrote 16 works, the most important are “Great expectations” in 1860-1861 or “Oliver Twist” in 1837-1839.
    He died the 9th June 1870. He didn’t want any homage; he wanted to be like an unknown person.

  41. Alicia Ingrid Ardenuy Zabala says:

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