The day of celebration of Barça

Hello to all students of IES Constanti.
I’ve made this post to explain the day of celebration of Barça.
The day of celebration, I went to Barcelona at eight o’clock in the morning.
When I arrived in Barcelona, I had to take the underground.
I saw the players of Barça on their bus.
Then, I went to Camp Nou at 5 o’clock.
I left the Camp Nou at 11 o’clock.
This is one of the photos I took:

The new logo for IES

Hello students of IES Constanti!!!
I’ve made a new logo for the IES. The logo is for the 10th anniversary of IES. In this post, you can make comments to my logo. And you can make different new logos for the IES.
This the logo I suggest :

The computer for work and play

Hello to the students of IES Constantí, I have done this post for the fans to the computer games. I think that the computer is the best machine to do works, to talk to i with people for internet also to play. In this post you will be able to put your comments on the computer i his attributes, like give it memory, graphic card, memory RAM and something else that are important for a computer. In addition to his attributes, you will also be able to put comments on the games i types ( Strategy, action, simulators … )

The League Has Finished – Has a New Era Begun?


Well, celebrations aside, the question mark at the end of the title is a suggestion for you to post your opinion. In fact, it has been suggested by my father-in-law, an English founder member of the Penya Barcelonista del Baix Camp. Do you really think Barça has been the best team of the Spanish League? Do you think Barça is a champion that will last? How high do you rate it among the most powerful European teams? Will next year’s Champions League be for Barça?

This time don’t forget to click on the title of this post for the external link.

Bitten by a vampire

I’ve just read this interesting opinion by Maxim, and I’ve copied it here for you. It’s a bit edited (you can read the original as a comment to ‘ESO-4 and Constantí’). As I said, I find it interesting enough for you to send your comments:

Hi! This morning we’ve seen the end of ‘Dracula’, the movie. I’ve liked it. The teacher asked us if we’d like to be bitten by a vampire; I answered : IMPOSSIBLE , vampires don’t exist any more. Anyway, I wouldn’t like to be murdered by a vampire, even if the vampire was a beautiful girl.

The book of Dracula is longer, it should mean that the story should be more interesting than in the book that I’ve read. I’ll try to find the original book. I wonder : Did the vampires exist in the past? My answer is now: Who knows. Maybe they existed before the novel appeared. I have to go to school, I can’t be late!!!! Bye.

(The links are mine – don’t forget to click on them)

BAT-1: Frankie strikes back

On Monday we’d just started a very interesting discussion when the bell rang. If you remember, we were discussing the statement ‘Nobody (doctors, scientists, artists, etc.) should re-use parts of people’s dead bodies for any reason.’ As it could be expected, we started talking about organ transplantation. There were also some very interesting remarks on the religious views, which I’d like to discuss further – why don’t you write your opinion here?

Later it still occurred to me that we’d never mentioned plastic surgery, which is somehow near the subjects we were discussing about our ‘Frankie’ novel. Have you ever seen Nip/Tuck on TV3 on Tuesdays? Nothing out of this world, but it’s worthwhile to have a look. Anyway, don’t forget to visit the pages I’ve linked for you, and don’t leave me wondering: post your opinions!

Image has arrived in our little world!

Please, check the bottom of the page. Something promised has finally been accomplished.

By the way, next school year will be our 10th anniversary. Why don’t we start thinking about a logo for IES de Constantí. Hey, Santi, it’s time for artists! Let me make the first suggestion (inspired last year by our Headmistress) – it’s our local lion, the one on the mosaic in Centcelles.

More on Don Quixote

You didn’t think I’d forgotten you! Ok, this week it’s Don Quixote. Apparently, our Saky hasn’t found enough strengh to finish her tale of the trip to Reus. By the way, nobody mentioned the huge, magnificent Don Quixote drawings that decorate our school entry – thanks to Santi and his students. ‘Con-Santi’ ‘Con-stantí’ rules, don’t you think so?

For my part, I’ve searched the web and found something interesting for you. Did you know Don Quixote is known and admired worldwide, especially in the English-speaking world? If not, have a look at this Don Quixote Virtual Museum, and learn.

Do you think you know everything about the witty ‘hidalgo’ from La Mancha? Then, don’t forget to do the Don Quixote Quiz.