The 6th grade student’s opinions-2020-2021

I always liked English but these last two years with Miss Teresa, it has been very special, I have to work harder but I learned new and very funny things.

Lucia 6th C

This school year I learned a lot of new things, I had a great time and I love how you teach English, Miss Teresa!

Chloè 6th C

I was very lucky to have Miss Teresa as a teacher because she is a very good person.

Lina 6th B

I always will remember the posters with a lot of pictures and sentences that help us!

Bernat 6th B

At 5th grade we did Frida Kahlo self portrait arts and crafts activity, I enjoyed it!

Abril Pages

I learned a lot with Miss Teresa and I had fun during the all school year!

Pol 6th C

Gràcies a tots i a totes, jo també ho he passat molt bé!

Molt bona sort a l’Institut!

Good Luck and remember “have fun”!

Have a great Summer_2020-2021

The end of the school year has already arrived. We are all happy because SUMMER IS HERE!

It has been a really hard year with bubble groups, wearing the mask all day… but we did it!           

I hope to see you next school year, ready to enjoy  and to learn a lot of new ENGLISH things.

You did a very good job!