Dear family, …

Summer is coming, so in 3rd grade we have been talking about where to go on holiday. As a result, the students have come up with some postcards to send to their friends and family, explaining where they go to. Watch their presentations by clicking on the image:


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Our troll

Our last task in 4th grade has been to create a troll in groups and describe it physically. This has been their wonderful result:

our troll cover

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My favourite food is…

In 1st grade we finished the second term filming a video about our preferences on food. Click on the image to watch it:

cover blog

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My town

We have been going around the different buildings we can find in a town or in a city in 4th level. Every student prepared a presentation about their town and this is the wonderful result.

Click to watch the video:


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Asking for directions

In 5th grade we have started naming some parts of a town or a city and the buildings and monuments we can find there. Also, we have been working on asking and giving directions to get to different places. Clicking on the images you can play some games to refresh all this content and also, the prepositions of place. Enjoy!







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Spelling words

In 4th grade we are revising the alphabet, so that students can spell different words. Here you are a game to practice the name of each letter. Click on “letter names” and then, on “memory“:


Click on this game to help the monkey escape the snake:


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Lately we have been discussing the sports we can and can’t do in 3rd level. To summarize it, each student has made a beautiful chart showing the sports he or she can do and which ones can’t.

Click on the photo to watch their oral presentations:


Sing along with the “I can run” song:



Go on learning about sports with these three games:




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Amazing animal files!

In 5th grade we have studied different types of animals and some of their main characteristics, such as: amazing-animals-bannerliving place, food they eat, body size and colour. That’s why each pair of students have filled in an animal file including this information. They have shared it with their classmates, so that they had to guess what animal it was.

Clicking here, you can watch the video of their presentations


If you love animals, you can continue learning with these two games:

Click on any animal to find the ones which are camouflaging: animal_camouflage

Click here to solve animal puzzles: animal_puzzles

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Our badge

Before the Christmas holidays, in 4th level we found out information about different clubs. Children who are in these clubs are given a badge when they achieve something special. For example, when you help cook lunch and dinner you get a chef badge, or when you learn how to use a computer you get a computer badge.

Students grouped in three teams and each decided the badge to create. After preparing the writing and the design of their badge, they have done the presentation:

postersblogClick on the image to see more photos

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So this is Christmas…

During these last days before the holidays, we have been very busy finishing works, presentations and preparing Christmas songs and postcards.

Children are really looking forward to having a rest and enjoying these days of dreams, wishes and joy; so they put so much illusion in all they have been doing.

In Cicle Inicial we have been preparing a Christmas song for the recital. It is called “The dancing Christmas tree”. Between rehearsal and rehearsal, they also had time to make a postcard connected to that song.

Have a look at the video with the Christmas song and at the postcards:

Click on the photo: cover


In 3rd grade we have been working on the “Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer” song. It was familiar to most of the students, so they were eager to sing it. Here you can listen to one of the many versions of this song that exist:

3rd graders also made a postcard related to the Christmas song. Have a look at the amazing postcards they created, where the students themselves became Rudolphs!

Click on the photo to see more: cover


In 4th grade we also have been busy singing and creating. The Christmas song is called “Rocking around the Christmas tree”, which you can sing along with the version in this video:

Here you can see the postcards they made, which (couldn’t have been otherwise) were connected to the Christmas song:

Click on the photo to see more: cover4


Finally, in Cicle Superior, they sang a famous Christmas song by Mariah Carey. It is named “All I want for Christmas is you”.

This group of students didn’t make an English Christmas postcard, but they did it in Catalan. In order to create it, we learnt some simple origami steps. Some pupils got them very quickly, and others had more difficulties. Nonetheless, everybody accepted the challenge and wonderful creations came out.

Here there is a link where you can watch videos to make origami animals. To access the second page, you have to click on the fold-more-models button.



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