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On Saint George´s day we give some presents : roses  and many books .

The girls give books to  the boys, and the boys roses to the girls .

The day is celebrated on the 23rd of April . Saint George´s  is celebrated  in Catalonia . In  the rest of Spain it is not celebrated, but Saint Valentine’s it is.



On Saint Valentine’s Day the lovers send presents and chocolates to show their love to the other people. 

This party is celebrated  on the  14th of February. 

 There are romantic  films such as: Grease, Titanic, Australia,Mamma mia, Pretty woman, Dirty dancing, Moulin rouge , Madison bridges, and more…

Saint Valentine´s day is celebrated in different countries, and in Spain, we are starting to celebrate it .  




Halloween  was invented in the U.S.A .

To celebrate  Halloween, children wear fancy dresses  and knock on the doors of the houses. Then, they say the well known “trick o treat” sentence.

On Halloween, people give sweets and chocolate, or they throw eggs and foam .

Halloween is the day of horror, that is why there are lots of films of this festivity, like E.T..

Nowadays, in Spain we do not celebrate Halloween, but it is coming here, as some children get dressed that day, the 31st of October.