Sometimes the horses get very angry  and can turn (become) salvages.
Normally they do  races and there can swallow in deep rivers. There is people who devote themselves to take care of them, to clean them, to feed them…

They are very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                 PANDA BEAR

 The panda bear  is an animal on the verge of extinction. They are white and black. They eat bamboo and they live in China. they are in extinciton there are some places where there is not enough bamboo for them to eat. We can see them in the zoo of Barcelona.

They are very nice too!!!!!!!!!!!




The dolphins are mammalian and live in the sea.  It is of many types. They are fed with fish smaller than they. In the zoo of Barcelona the dolphins do spectacles.




The sharks have gills and it is where they breathe. They eat meat that human beings eat also. They attack and are brave when they are in group.


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