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Write an email giving advice.

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  1. Montse Rocaspana Sanfeliu says:

    Should I Marry Him?

    To: Sandra
    From: Montse
    Hi Sandra,
    I just read your e-mail. It was grateful to receive news for your! You didn’t tell me last day about this problem, but don’t worry.
    About your problem with your boyfriend I think you shouldn’t worry about his feelings, probably is a shy person and it’s difficult for her express their feelings.
    If I were you, I’d speak with him and said what your feelings are; it’s important to share the problems.
    I’m sure that your boyfriend is in love with you, take risks and speak with him, but if you aren’t sure of married with him, wait for another year, it’s and important decision and you have to be sure for this. You might think about their future.
    See you soon.

  2. XIAN says:


    to: John
    from: xian

    Hi John!
    I’ve been thinking about your dilema. If I were you, I would keep on your studies. To be Smart, it’s not a advantatge to skip school or clases. In life, you will have to work hard for the things you want. If you go to school and you have good marks, in the future, you will work in a job you like, however, if you leave school before you finish, you probably will have a job that you don’t like.
    I know that it’s dificult to study and to be concentrated when something you don’t like, but in life, nothing it’s easy.


  3. Ariadna says:

    From: Ariadna
    To: Kate
    Subject: Should I marry him?

    Dear Kate,

    Thanks for your email! It’s great to know you are going to get married next year, isn’t it?

    The troubles you are dealing with are the typical ones in a relationship. So, you don’t have to worry so much about them. From my point of view, you should try to change your mind because it’s very difficult to talk with someone who doesn’t express their feelings.

    Therefore, if I were you, I would make an effort to shift my attitude in front of that situation in order to be more positive and to give him a reason to modify her way of life.

    For this reason, if you doubt about getting married, you should think about this carefully so as to choose the correct answer.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    All the best,


  4. Rosa says:

    From: Rosa
    To: Anne
    Subject: Giving advice “Should I marry him?”

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your email
    Lovely to hear from you.

    I think you could tell him again you’d like so much to ear his feelings more than nowadays.
    If I were you I’d suggest him to have dinner out sometimes.
    You might think about having a romantic weekend out, where both liked.

    I think you should marry him because you have gone out for almost four years and you have known each other quite well.

    All the best.
    Take care.


  5. Quelqu'un says:

    Hi Pierre,

    I just read your email and answered quickly ’cause I haven’t got much time. I have only one advise to tell you: if you love her, fight.
    You said that you like each other and that she has problems with her boyfriend. It is your opportunity! If I were you, I’d try to date with her. If you are as very good friends as you say, you won’t have any problem. You’ll probably get on and then you’ll go out.
    You shouldn’t worry about her boyfriend because they will break up soon (trust me). The only problem I see is that you are a little timid. You might think about facing your shyness and speak with her.
    Well, this is my advise. Now it’s your turn. It all depends on you.
    All the best,

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