Tom’s Nightmare…

Tom and his family went to live in a new house. This house was near a cemetery. In the cemetery worked a nice undertaker, but they didn’t know the undertaker was really dead. And they didn’t know the house was haunted.

At night, Tom and his family were watching TV. Tom wanted to go to sleep, so he got up and went to his room. When he was going up the stairs, he suddenly saw a shadow in his room. He didn’t know what it was. He went near the door of his room and watched inside. Everything was ok. He went inside.

His family was watching TV and suddenly heard a scream. They got up and went to Tom’s room but they didn’t see Tom. What they saw was a red liquid on his bed. Was it blood? They were going to phone the police when a ghost appeared. All they screamed and went out of the house. But the cemetery was full of death, mommies and ghosts.

They went to the car, and when they were starting to drive, Tom’s ghost suddenly appeared inside the car…

Answer the questions about the text.

The ‘Past continuous’.

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