Photo competition

Help us and vote for the best photograph.
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23 thoughts on “Photo competition

  1. Ines

    I like the photo called “The River”because it remember me my Grandparent’s village and when I was young i spend the summers there

  2. alberto.


    Because the photo is very original and fun.
    It is also very natural and nice.

  3. joan gallego

    i like fireworks because it’s cool and beautiful. I like the the real fireworks.

  4. jaume planas

    I’m really like the foto “a big glaciar” is very nice but photographi fireworks there is more dificult because the fair desapear leter

  5. Laura

    the photo of the big glacier is the most to me because I never liked and been in a place like that.

  6. Albert RoSo

    I think that the best one is..
    “Sunflower” because it’s original than the other one’s

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