Healthy food


– 1 Food vocabulary. Pairs activity1

2 Matching activity 2

– 3 Crosswords activity

– 4 Spelling exercise

– 5 Listening1

– 6 Listening2

– 7 Self-study. Realize how healthy are your habits

Reading comprehension

– 1 British, American and Spanish breakfast

– 2 What is good or bad (healthy or unhealthy) to eat


1 Fill in the gabs. The refrigerator1

2The refrigerator2

3Make sentences. The refrigerator 3

4 Put in order. What is in the kitchen

5 Fill in the gabs. A salad

Advanced students:

– Spanish omelette process with pictures

– Spanish omelette process with sentences

– True or false.

– Coffee bar.

DAY 2 ——————————

Finish the remaining activities from the last day

Fruits or vegetables?

Banana Milkshake

Food quiz 1vs1

Healthy eating. Read and aswer

Story: The greedy hippo

Game: Trolley dash

Advanced kids: crosswords

What’s the name?


Guess the word


Madrid’ activities

DAY 3 —————————————–

Scrambled words

Fruit matching

Vegetables matching

Food scrambled words



Memory 2


Native speakers exercices


Possible homework:

Send an e-mail to or write on the bloc your own receipt

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