Our collaborative book of proverbs

Our eTwinning project Be – PAW – sitive, from Year 3 has been re-started! Teachers met last week and decided to do some collaborative activities during the lockdown and change some others. Here there is one activity we had in our project: Our collaborative book of animal proverbs. Click on the image to watch it and enjoy. We have an AWESOME artists in our school!!!!

Let’s dance with Jumping Ducks Theatre

During that lockdown, we have had the chance to dance by the hand of Jumping Ducks Theatre. Here there are some pictures of our amazing dancers.

English resources for quarantine


Hello everyone!!

We hope all of you and your family are fine. Here you have lots of games to have fun and review vocabulary we have worked along these schools year.

Aqui sota teniu un munt de jocs per passar-ho be mentre podeu repassar el vocabulari que hem anat treballant al llarg d’aquest curs.


  • Vocabulari treballat a 1r: Colours, numbers 1-12, weather, Farm animals, fruits, clothes, words to do with royalty.
  • Vocabulari treballat a 2n: Colours, numbers 1-20, weather, days of the week, months, sports clothes, family, parts of the face,  hobbies.

  • Vocabulari treballat a 3r: Months, days of the week, numbers 21-100, wild animals, habitats, parts of the body, sports and free-time activities.
  • Vocabulari treballat a 4t: Months, hobbies and free time activities, parts of the body (adjectives), food and drink in a restaurant.

  • Vocabulari treballat a 5è:
  • Vocabulari treballat a 6è:

Take care and big hugs to all of you.

English teachers team.

Nota per a families: Cliqueu al curs on es troba el vostre fill i trobareu moltes activitats que pot anar fent aquests dies. Estan relacionades amb el que hem anat treballant durant aquest curs. Per cursos superiors, poden refrescar continguts amb activitats d’altres cicles. Anirem afegint nous recursos. Per qualsevol consulta d’anglès podeu fer servir el següent correu anglesabatoliba@gmail.com


Be – paw – sitive eTwinning project

Our students of year 3 are involved in an European collaborative eTwinning project with partners from Poland, Greece, Turkey and Slovakia. In this project, children have decided the activities to do and contents to learn. It is about animals: their names, habitats, actions, feed, groups, and so on. Their first step is to record a video saying their names and explaining their favourite animals. The using of technologies is utter motivation for them. So they searched for their favourite animal in the ICT room, wrote about it, memorized the text, and here you can see the first recordings. You could watch a video with all the children productions soon.


Welcome home Sarah!

Our mascot Sarah come back after visiting Romania and Sweden.

He wears a superhero costume because in Sweden have started a SUPERHERO project, in which students of P4 will be involved this school year.

Click on the image to see the diary that children created with their parents help.

We hope you like it! Children are thinking of where does Sarah go now?

Teacher Mary Joe and children from Year 1

New eTwinning projects are arriving. Here there is our presentation for the drama project called “Being a Show Star”, that children from Year 1 will do this school year. Click at the image to have a look.




eTwinning Prize in Poland

We are very happy to announce that the project run last year in Year 3, and in collaboration with Szkoła Podstawowa nr 11 im. Stefana Batorego w  in Inowrocław, (Poland), has been awarded by the First eTwinning Prize last June, 2019 in Poland in the category “children aged 6 to 12”. This project was carried out by children from year 3 in both school (nowadays in year 4). The project consisted of giving children the opportunity to participate in an international project by recording role-plays, creating comics in cooperation, giving personal information and about the weather through the Twinspace’s forum, creating postcards, by using web 2.0 tools.

Congratulations to all students involved in the project, Polish and Spanish and especially to Ms. Karolina Szymaniak for her commitment and effort in her first eTwinning project.


Photos took in the award Ceremony. Polish National Support Service, Ms Karolina Szymaniak and children from SP nr 11 im. Stefana Batorego w  in Inowrocław, (Poland)

Children from Abat Oliba with their Quality Label certificate.