Hi friends,
we are glad to tell you that one of our students, Anna Busquets Conangla, from 6th primary, won Oratòria prize of Departament d’ Educació.
She prepared three speeches of two minutes each one about different topics and different languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.
the prize constists on spending 15 days in a Camp d’aprenentatge de la Generalitat learning English, and 2000€ for the school.


Hi friends,
here you can see how all our classmates of Year 2 became doctors, nurses and patients in the gym of the school. There was a waiting room and a vet service too.
They worked brilliantly!. Congratulations boys and girls!


Here you can have a look at all the painting projects we have done in class 5.
We studied the different habitats in the world, from the poles to the deserts,the oceans,the grasslands, … it’s really AMAZING!
Now we know the climate, the animals and plants and the situation of each zone.

The solar system

Hi friends,
all the children in class 4th have been studying the solar System as ” Projecte interdisciplinar”.We’ve learnt a lot. Did you know that our galaxy is called Milky Way? Do you know the distance of each planet from the sun? what is a comet and a meteor? and an asteroid? How many moons has Neptune? did you know that the winds blow at 1100 Km per hour in Neptune?… It has been very interesting for us. here you can see some of the art projects we have done.


Hi friends,

Here we are again. Our classmates of the 3rd primary became real waiters and waitresses because they changed our English classroom on a real restaurant. The food was delicious and the actors and actresses worked brilliantly.
Have fun watching at them!

WE WON A PRIZE!:APAC John Macdowell 2009, Accèssit

Europe’s tour was the project we presented to the prize. It is a tour around several countries in Europe. 5 pupils and 2 teachers went to Universitat Pompeu Fabra last thursday 25th February to receive the prize. It consists on a diploma for every pupil , the class, the school and the teacher, a Casio translater and some money to buy material for the class.