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This year we will start a new section in our virtual classroom called “Math News”. The idea of this section is to let you see that math is alive. We will post articles about math so that you can give us your opinions or write comments about them, and will expect you to share articles you find or read about math with us and with the rest of your classmates.
When you post an article, it is very important you write a short comment about it (you can summarize it, you can give your opinion…).

17 thoughts on “Math News

  1. Oriol Carreras Arasa

    I think that is great idea because see the comments of the people is interesting and some times is very funny.

  2. Ariadna Corredera

    I think that this year I will enjoy very much the math classes, and I think that do activities with the PC and webs that we can look interesting things, it would will be more emocionant and we will be more motivated to learn more about the math’s world.

  3. Marina

    I think that can be interesting because in that way we can do more things on the Internet, see the thinks that other people say, coment our opinion,..
    I think that can be a very good idea!

  4. Oriol Valero Garrido

    I like this idea because is interesting to see the maths aplicated in the live.

  5. Marc Rodríguez Reus

    I think it’s a good idea to do this online activities. The classes are more interesting. I enjoy it!!! Then, look the opinions and comments of people is useful to think ideas, … .

  6. Marc Rodríguez Reus

    I think is more useful to learn other things of mathematics, not just the book. This online activities are more good. I enjoy it!! And look the opinions of people and the opinions are good to look for ideas, … .

  7. Sergi Baulies

    I think that is a good idea to do this online activity because this can help us to see maths as a more funny subject

  8. Guillermo Ródenas

    I think that this activity will help us to learn some interesting new things about math and other curiosities. It’s a good idea!

  9. Claudia Soler Pino

    I think that is a great idea because we can do different activities in internet and this is funnier than the activities of the books.


  10. Mireia Pallàs

    I think it’s a good working tool.
    And it will be fun and useful.
    It will not be the typical class that everyone knows.


  11. Maria

    I think it’s a good idea, used to express ourselves better than we do in class, and to use new words that we didn’t know. And are some homework funny and easy, and that it’s difficoult to be, especialy in maths…

  12. irene segarra

    I think that is a great idea because with this method maths are more interesting than the tradititional method, and we can learn more about this subject

    It’s a good ideaa!!!!¡¡¡¡’

  13. Aleix

    I think that is a very good idea because I sometimes watch the news I only watch thw news that interest me. And this forum is a very good idea

  14. Elisenda Corroto

    I think that’s a good idea, because we know more about maths, about the articles, and we finally know culture.


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