USA Webquest – Assessment

There will be individual and group marks and they will depend on several aspects such as class work, attitude, quality of work, amount of work, oral presentation, other classmates evaluation, assitence…
Have in mind that NOT necessarily everyone in the group will get the same mark!!!!
And … remember this webquest mark will be as important as any written ex

Click here if you want to see the students’ evaluation sheet

Click here if you want to see the teacher’s evaluation sheet

USA Webquest timing

Remember all of you will have three class sessions, try to plan these sessions carefully. If you need more time you will have to work at home.
The dates are:
3r ESO A every Thursday – April 8th, 15th, 22th EXTRA SESSION 29TH.

The Oral presentation for these groups will be on April 29th May 13th

3rd ESO B every Wednesday – April 14th, 21st, 28th,  5th, 12th, final oral exposition on the 19th May
3rd ESO B every Friday – April 9th,16th, 23rd,30th, 7th and extra session 14th and oral presentation 21st May

The Oral presentations will be on Wednesday, 5th of May 12th and Friday  7th of May.

TIP !!!!! SAVE some time to prepare and practise the final oral presentation 😯

USA Webquest – 1st session

1.- Start a new team of four:

Today you and your mates will explore the six regions of the United States and decide which one you are going to work on…
-New England states
-Mid Atlantic states
-The South
-The Southwest
Remember each team must investigate the region’s landmarks, monuments or areas of interest, and create an oral presentation… to convince the other students in the class to go and tour this region for a week.

2.- Each member of the team has to choose one of the following roles:
The leader: he/she will conduct team meetings and take final decisions…and conduct the final presentation.
The technician, responsible for the Power Point presentation…
Tha map organizer (create a map of the tour) photos or any other graphics searcher…
The word master, English, accuracy, vocabulary….or tour guide together with the leader.