Present Perfect or Past Simple?


Hi guys! It’s time we revised the use of the present perfect and the past simple. Have a look at this link and do the exercises.

Past simple or present perfect?, by Gabiadko
Find this and other present perfect exercises

Now try this. Do the reading comprehension and then listen to the song and complete the words.

A Bit of Rock History: CCR – Have You Ever Seen the Rain?, by Judit Jékel
Find this and other songs exercises

Summer holidays are here …

Well that’s the end of it… These last days we all have been in a hurry to finish tasks, study for the exams, marking papers, … but finally we did it as every year. Some of you will be able to relax during the holidays, others will have to continue studying during the summer. But one thing is clear, summer is here and the holidays too.

Have fun and see you in September!!!!!!

And for the ESO4 students I wish you the best in life!!!!!!!


Raise your hands and sing it with me
Sometimes the strongest and most wonderful things are those we cannot see
Sing a song, sing a song
About how things seem more important at night
So sing apples, sing drumkits
Sing moonlight, sing lungfish
And sing a song mitochondria
Whoa whoa whoa whoa
Raise your hands and sing it with me
Sometimes the strongest and most wonderful things are those we cannot see
Sing apples, sing drumkits
Sing moonlight, sing lungfish

ESO3 Some art won’t hurt you …

Have a look at this power point.  Choose a picture and make a description. DO NOT post your task in the blog.  Please, upload your text in  our google sites. Remember to sign your task. Joan Carles, as a VIP 😉 , will help me check your work, so be as accurate as possible.

ESO4 X Time Line


Here we go again! This time I’m going to ask you for something different.

– Choose a famous person to talk about.

– Look for information in the web.

– Follow the instructions in the tutorial to create your own timeline.

-Remember you have to try to make it attractive by adding photos, …

-And finally, don’t forget there can’t be two tasks the same.

-When you have finished your time line send it to our wikispace.

When you’ve got the instructions clear, click on the image to make it bigger.


ESO 4 Let’s revise for the exam …

This week we are having a test and you have asked for some material to revise. Well then … here you are 😉

On the right you will find links to:

  • Conditionals

if you click on it you will find an explanation about conditionals and at the end of the page you will see that there are some links to different exercises. You can try to do them all. When you finish each exercise you can check them by clicking the check button at the end of the exercise.

  • future tenses
  • used to, be used to, get used to

If you need anything else, just tell me and I will try to help you.

See you soon!

Does it sound English?

Hi my dear students!
I am always telling you how important it is to try to speak English properly and I have just found an excellent example which I hope will help you to understand me.

Do you know this girl? She’s a contestant in a Bulgarian TV show called Music Idol. As you can imagine people participe in these kind of shows to become famous. Do you think she will?

Have a look at this and just tell me what you think!!
Click here to view video:

Would you like to compare it with the original song? Just have a look and try to fill in the gaps with the correct words.

The Phantom Of The Opera

phantom6Last Thursday we watched Phantom Of The Opera. The company gave the play a modern twist and we all enjoyed the funny songs and silly dances. Nearly all the actors were from England and hopefully everyone understood it!
I really liked the dances, it was funny to see the actors dance around stage. My favourite actor was Carlotta and I think she had a good voice, even though everyone said she didn´t sing very well!
What did you like? Please write a review on the play, including a short summary and your favourite part, actor or song.
April : )