Unit 2 Wizard school

Unit 2 Wizard school

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CD1 track 26. Look at Unit2 poster, make sentences.


What is in the box today? CD1 track 27. Stick flashcards on board one by one. Listen again and repeat.


Page 14-15. Look, point and say. CD1 track 28, listen and point. A rubber, what number is it?


Close the book. Listen again and repeat. What’s repeated?

CD1 track 29, open books. Listen and answer.


Use real objects. What’s this? Is it a…? Yes it is a…, no it is a… Have two students in front of the class acting.


CD1 track 30. Hide one object behind your back. Ask What’s the correct answer, a pen or a pencil?


Activity book page 14

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Lesson 2


Review flashcards. Listen and find the objects. CD1 track 15. Listen again until they know. To check, have a student in front showing the three objects said with flashcards.


Page 14-15. Read and identify the objects. Play CD1 track 15 again. Memorize the rhyme.

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CD1 track 32, listen and point Wally, Harriet, the wicked wizard and the spell book. Listen again and repeat.


Listen to the story. CD1 track 33. Use storycards or mime it.

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Activity book page 15



Lesson 4


Every student grabs a piece of material. The first one says I’ve got a… (pencil), the second student says I’ve got a pencil and a… (rubber). And so on for the whole group class. Who makes a mistake goes out. Play this game in groups of 5-6.


Read the story of the book by pairs. Try to act it out with special tones of voice. Have some pairs come up in front. They will tell the story with storycards. One student moves the storycards and the other reads.


Practice the sentence structure have you got a… Yes I have, no I haven’t.


AB page 17.



Lesson 5


Hang up the attic poster. Have to students up front, one reads the objects inside the wallet and the other one hangs the corresponding flashcards.


Introduce new words with flashcards: What is it? What’s this? Is it a…? library/ toilet/ playground/ classroom.

CD1 track 35, listen and point.


Look at the book. Where is the blue book? In the library. CD 1 track 36. Listen and answer. Listen again and repeat. Ask and answer in pairs.


AB page 18


Lesson 6


Write on the board three columns: animals, places and objects. Write as many words as students can say.


CD 1 track 37, listen and say what words did you listen. Classify these words within the three columns.


Point to the poster, to the wizard. Ask: what’s your name? Elicit so students can say “I’m a wiz, wiz, wizard” What have you got Mr. Wizard? A hat “with a wiz, wiz, wizard hat”. Play the CD and sing the first two paragraphs. Do the same for the rest.


Play the CD again and sing the whole song. Open your book page 19. And sing again.


Write on the board cat and garden. What’s this? Underline the letter a. Listen carefully to the pronunciation. CD1 track 38. Listen and repeat. Make two columns: cat (1) and garden (2). Classify these words: have (1), giraffe (2), parrot (1), thank you (1), classroom (2), bathroom (2), grass (2).

Where is the cat? What colour is it?


In groups of three act out Wally, Harriet o the  Wicked wizard (CD1 track 33). Have some groups up front. At the end sing together track 37.

Ab page 19

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