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ICT lessons 6th: Writing a letter about your last weekend.

Today, you are going to write a letter about your last weekend.

What did you do last Saturday and Sunday? Answer the question.

Remember: use the Past Simple Tense and sequencing words ( First, Then, After that, Later and Finally).

Example: First, I went to the beach. Then, I swam…

Click on the link and start posting your letter:




Unit 5. Clothes




Unit 5. Places zone and food





ICT LESSON 6th: Creating a comic (Saint George’s Day Contest)

Do you want to create imaginative stories?

You’re going to participate in Saint George’s Day Contest (April 23rd)

Let’s create a comic strip in pairs ( a sequence of drawings telling a story).  You can use the Present and Past Simple Tense.

1st Create a free account in

2nd Choose 6 cell storyboards. Choose scenes (home, school,outdoors, transportation, office…), characters and text.

3rd Start your story in pairs.

4th  Save your comic strip.

6th Print it in colour.

Let’s start your first Comic strip! Let’s make your best!

descarga (50)


ICT Lessons 5th : Designing a POSTER

Today, you’re going to design a Poster about your favourite SUPERHEROES.

1st Log in

2nd Choose a poster. Insert images from Google. Choose TWO SUPERHEROES.

3rd. Design a creative poster about them.

4th Describe your SUPERHEROES. Write COMPARATIVE sentences. Think about their ‘SUPERPOWERS‘.

5th Share it with your friends and family.

6th Print it.

Finally, don’t forget to insert your poster in your PORTFOLIO (

Look at my example:


images (19)


Time expressions

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Click on the link to practice online: