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Hello boys and girls!

How are you? Are you happy?   Summer is here!

The school bell may stop ringing, but summer is a great time for all kinds of learning opportunities for kids and children.

Dear parents,

We invite you to click on the following websites to help children to keep in touch by reading books, playing games…

  •  PBS KIDS Lab offers the newest educational games, activities and mobile apps. There are lots of other quality websites for kids — here are a few more of our favorites:


Today 1st and 2nd Primary have seen the theatre play “Snow White”, from IPA Productions. It was very funny! We liked it very much!!!!!



Today,  P3, P4 and P5 children have enjoyed the theatre play “THE JUNGLE”. We had a lot of fun!!!!

If you are happy and you know it

Unit 6. The Solar System

Unit 6: Food

Listen and learn

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Food games:

Unit 6. The beach. Summer

ICT lessons 6th : Writing a story in English.

Do you like stories? Do you want to be a writer?

Today, we’re going to write an amazing story. Let’s be creative. We’re going to use ‘Storybird’ app.

1st Create an account . Sign up for free:

2nd Create a story. Choose the scenes and the characters.  Invent a nice story. Write the text of your story.

3rd Publish it.

4th  Save and share it with me and your friends.

Look at the example:




Past Simple games

I recommend you to play these games to practice the past tense. There are spelling, vocabulary, questions and grammar games.

Enjoy,play and learn! 😉


ICT lessons: Future forms

We have different ways of talking about the future. We often use going to (+ infinitive), the present continuous (to be + -ing) or will (+ infinitive). The structure we use depends on the function of what we want to say, whether we are talking about arrangements, plans, predictions, etc..

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Click on the link , read and practise:

Click on the links to practise: