117 students receive their Cambridge certificate


More than 115 Turó students, who held the Cambridge ESOL Exams last May, were awarded with their certificates: Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE and CAE.

Since 2011 Turó is a Cambridge Preparation Centre. Students from all ages come to Turó in May and early June to hold these exams


From the very beginning Cambridge exams are  a great way to help young students build on their language skills and make further progress in English.

Cambridge English exams are accepted by over 13,500 universities, employers and governments around the world. These exams can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised, can increase learners’ choices for study or work.

English Culture Week in 5th Grade

5th grade students have a great opportunity to improve their English skills thanks to this programme which takes place at a small English town called Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk) in England.

The boys live in a typical English residence for a week where they also have English classes in the morning. In the afternoons, the boys continue learning English with practical oral activities through the town: a treasure hunt, interviewing people at the local market, learning the rules of British sports, visiting the local Fire Station and spending an afternoon in Cambridge…


A real positive English experience in which the boys, a part from having fun, they have learnt and improved their English. In fact, They have ca. 80 hours of English lessons.


FONIX competition: Territorial Final

Primary,ESO and BATX students participated last Saturday in the first territorial final of the FONIX, which took place at URV in Tarragona.

Carlos Aldecoa (5th), Àngel Martí (6th),  Juan Gordo (1st ESO), Pablo Meneses (2nd ESO), Marc Escoda (3rd ESO), Juan de Bonilla (4th ESO) and Gerard Domingo (1st BATX) were the students chosen in the first knockout stage of the competition carried out at school. On Saturday these seven students among more than 300 students from all over Tarragona’s province had to make difficult written tasks containing a variety of activities on vocabulary, reading and writing. There will be only three winners per each level who will have to face the second final in Barcelona, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Students receive their TIE certificates

All the students who participated in the program IRELAND EXPERIENCE last year, have received their English certificate. As you know, IRELAND EXPERIENCE is an intensive English program for 6th PRI and 1st ESO students .


Our students have received their TIE Certificates ( TEST OF INTERACTIVE ENGLISH). This Certificate is officially recognised by the Council of English Language Schools and the Catalan Departament d’Educació.

London and British Culture Week



Last January 1st BAT students participated in one of the most attractive language programs we offer: London and British Culture Week.

This is our intensive English program for Batxillerat students. They stay at a beautiful residence in Broadstairs (Kent) in half board accommodation.  They boys visit the town and they have specific classes on Charles Dickens. The English writer was born there the students have the possibility of visiting his summer residence.

In London, the students have the opportunity of visiting many places of interest, helping them learn about English culture as they learn the language. A native group of guides show them the city, including a selection of well planned and interesting tours: Buckingham Palace, St.James’s Park , Big Ben, Houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey , obviously, two of the most important museums: The Natrional Gallery and the British Museum.

Another highlight of this program is the trip to Canterbury. After visiting the city and its main landmarks, the boys visit the famous King’s School. They attend at English classes and they talk with English students and share a language project in English and Spanish.

Visit the blog for + info

London and British Culture Week

4th and 5th Grade in English

This new course has just started and one of the most important new educational programms related to the learning of English is our 4th and 5th Primary Grades.

As you know, our boys have studied their 5th Grade completely in English since 2012 . From this course 15/16 on, our pupils will also study their 4th Grade Primary in English!

The syllabus and the course organisation of both courses are the same. They will study the following subjects in English: English, Maths, Science, P.E., Social Science, Music and oral conversation practice.

4th and 5th

We strongly believe that the advantages of these intensive English courses far outweigh the disadvantages. With the learning and a better command of the English our young students will:

  • Improve overall and specific language competence
  • Be better prepared  for future studies and / or working life
  • Develop multilingual interests and attitudes
  • Experience different methods & forms of classroom teaching and learning
  • Increase their learner motivation


Living in Dublin for 9 weeks

This new course 15/16 has just started again and 15 of our students have travelled to Dublin to participate in the “Ireland Experience” programme.



As most of you know, our students have got a perfect opportunity to improve their  English through this Ireland Experience for 3 months.

They are placed in an Irish school and family will rapidly improve their oral and written English, while simultaneously experiencing the traditional Irish culture and way of life, which is noted for its hospitality and friendliness.

You can watch their everyday life in Dublin in this BLOG.


English School Week for the youngest learners

5 days with native English teachers at the same school. That’s it! From Monday to Friday, boys from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Primary take part in the English school week.

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A really exciting language programme for our youngest students. Amusing classes in the mornings and funny activities in the afternoon…and obviously, everything’s in English.