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English School Week


1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade have participated in the English School Week. Our English Week at school project has been specially designed for our students to spend five days in their own school with native English Staff participating in speaking classes and a wide rage of activities in English. Main topic for 1st and 2nd was “dinosaurs” and “monsters” for 3rd and 4th grade.

A programme full of great ideas and motivating activities and lessons based around English topics.


Territorial Final of the Fonix Competition


Primary and ESO students participated a few days ago in the first territorial final of the FONIX, which took place at URV in Tarragona.

Javier García-Bayón (5th), Èric López (6th), Jaume Ferrer (1st ESO), Miquel Àngel Jiménez (2nd ESO), Mateu Segués (3rd ESO), Iñigo Andreu ( 4th ESO) and Juan de Bonilla (1st BATX) were the students chosen in the first knockout stage of the competition carried out at school. On Saturday these four students among more than 500 students from all over Tarragona’s province had to make difficult written tasks containing a variety of activities on vocabulary, reading and writing. There will be only a winner per each level who will have to face the second final in Barcelona, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!