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FONIX competition: Territorial Final

Primary,ESO and BATX students participated last Saturday in the first territorial final of the FONIX, which took place at URV in Tarragona.

Carlos Aldecoa (5th), Àngel Martí (6th),  Juan Gordo (1st ESO), Pablo Meneses (2nd ESO), Marc Escoda (3rd ESO), Juan de Bonilla (4th ESO) and Gerard Domingo (1st BATX) were the students chosen in the first knockout stage of the competition carried out at school. On Saturday these seven students among more than 300 students from all over Tarragona’s province had to make difficult written tasks containing a variety of activities on vocabulary, reading and writing. There will be only three winners per each level who will have to face the second final in Barcelona, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!