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Students receive their English Certificate

All the students who participated in the program IRELAND EXPERIENCE last year, have received their English certificate. As you know, IRELAND EXPERIENCE is an intensive English program for 6th PRI and 1st ESO students .

irlanda (Large)

Our students have got a perfect opportunity to improve their  English throught this Ireland Experience for 3 months. They are placed in an Irish school and family will rapidly improve their oral and written English, while simultaneously experiencing the traditional Irish culture and way of life, which is noted for its hospitality and friendliness.


Oral English Class: the key to success


Tim Bowring is our English teacher for the oral English classes. All our students in Turó, from 1st Primary to 2nd Batxillart,  have got oral English class. The speaking groups are relative small (4 – 5 boys). In the speaking classes, Tim motivates our students and teaches them oral skills which will improve  their speaking ability and  their active participation in the class as well. In addition, these oral classes help our students practice for the Cambridge exams.