Erasmus +

eMAIL: effectively Mastering Art Ict Languages

Files (audio and images files about colours to test e-learning objects using HTML5 in our Moodle by our students).

Brainstorming for the Erasmus+ project:

  • Use Arduino to make art projects interactive
  • To create a virtual art gallery with interactivity, both with open hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors and actuators) and open software (Processing, python)
  • To compare existing e-learning tools: Moodle using your Erasmus account and password (myudutu and Ardora examples)
  • Using pivot animator
  • Using Aurasma for augmented reality triggering of videos, animations, audios, videos, etc to create an augmented reality book
  • Using 123 Catch to generate 3D objects from photos
  • To create new e-learning objects using Javascript, HTML5, etc
  • Responsive design image maps (Created with GIMP, filter>web>image maps), but also easy to create with online tools.

In the following example use your computer mouse or finger to find the names (mouse over) and websites (mouse click) of 5 partner schools from Cyprus, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

Institut Pompeu Fabra Colegiul de Arta Carmen Sylva Bahcelievler Ilkokulu Dimotiko Scholio Idaliou Osnovna šola Bogojina

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