My medicinal plant app

The aia and apk files must be uploaded in Institut Pompeu Fabra moodle and in your blog with some images showing it working in your WordPress blog. Your blog must include a QR code for your app. To share your app you need first to download the apk file to your computer, upload it to your google drive. With your own URL you can generate a QR code in a website like and finally to share the QR code you can upload QR image to your wordpress blog. Remember to give permissions to execute downloaded apps from internet in your Android mobile.

I want to see your creativity. This is just an idea of what your medicinal app must include:

Screen 1: Plant drug. Plant photograph with botanical names and names in English, Spanish and Catalan, and drug definition (part of the plant used) that must change with the accelerometer like

Screen 2. Chemical composition: There must be include active principles and other compounds. Every compound must be a button and when you click it, it must be played your recorded voice (or text to speech) indicating that it is an active compound and its name like or

Screen 3. Used for. Text with scientific information


  1. EMA:
  4. (metaanalysis, clinical trials, reviews): Minimum 5 scientific original articles, from year 2013 if it is possible.
  5. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NIH
  6. World Health Organization: Selected monographs on medicinal plants (4 volumes pdf)

Screen 4. Adverse effects

Screen 5. Scientific references

Screen 6. Quiz: 10 interactive questions using for example President’s quiz example at or from and a more advanced tinydb tandem app known as MakeQuiz/TakeQuiz from

Screen 7.  Games. The games could be of a receptor and an active plant compound as Get the gold (the ship is now a 3D image of the receptor and the coins are now the 3D active principle as shown at  or ladybug chase at  or molemash).

Screen 8. Database of plant use. You can create a fusion table with your gmail account where you can ask users to write the plants that they are using and for which treatment in order to collect data. You have an example at

You can also use GPS to locate nearest medicinal plant shops, using speech recognition, tinydb databases, google fusion tables, etc. You will find more ideas and and in many other websites, just google it.

You can download AI2livecomplete to execute AppInventor 2 offline in your pendrive as a portable application just starting your own server at your browser http://localhost:8888.

You can download to your mobile an example containing several screens by scanning this QR


This is an example of a medicinal plant from one of the students of our school (Mariona)

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